Get active, discover your local nature reserves, make memories and raise money for your Wildlife Trust! By taking part in the Big Wild Walk, you will be helping us on our mission to return 30% of land and sea back to nature by 2030.

For our new fundraising challenge, we want you to set yourself a walking challenge this October to raise money for The Wildlife Trusts. The level of difficulty is completely up to you: aim for 10,000 steps a day or push yourself to do 150,000 in seven days.

Let's help wildlife fight back!

Count me in

What do I need to do?

  1. Join our team on JustGiving, or print out our sponsorship form;
  2. Download your guide;
  3. Decide on your goal: this could be anything you like e.g. steps per day or kilometres travelled. You can check out some wildlife-themed suggestions below;
  4. Share your JustGiving page with your friends and family, asking them to sponsor you;

Keep us up to date with your progress by tagging us and using #BigWildWalk on your social media posts, or join our Facebook group!

The hedgehog challenge

Walk 3km a day, the distance a hedgehog can cover each night in search of food and mates (why not join us as a Hedgehog Hero at the same time?)

The nature reserves challenge

Walk a new Wildlife Trust nature reserve each day of the week!

The migration challenge

Walk 96,000 steps over the week, the number of kilometres an Arctic tern can travel on migration between the UK and Antarctica each year!

What if I want to fundraise in a different way?

No problem! Check out our fundraising page for more ideas, from solo challenges to team events, and resources to help you.

More about the 30/30 appeal can be found here.