Usually Tuesday and Friday each week (although other opportunities are available and a monthly e-newsletter contains details).

10am to 3pm.

The Swindon Forest Meadows project offers a wide variety of practical volunteering opportunities on Wiltshire Wildlife Trust nature reserves and other publically accessible sites throughout Swindon Borough and beyond. Task’s focus on surveying and monitoring (usually Tuesdays) and practical estates work (Fridays) but a host of opportunities become available each month.  In August 2021 task included: surveys of wild flower meadows, pulling Himalayan Balsam, scythe cut and rake wildflower meadows, hedgerow surveys, guided walks, First aid training, and the collection of seed for a seed bank used to create new wildflower meadows.

For more details please complete a volunteer application form noting Swindon Forest Meadows and you will receive a monthly e-newsletter full of opportunities.