Langford Lakes Nature Reserve webcam installed by Wild Connections.


At the bird table – summer is often the quietest season on the table with birds taking advantage of the natural insect food in plentiful supply and later in the season the natural seeds of plants around our reserve. However, still a good time to watch out for juvenile birds visiting the table. See if you can tell the difference between juveniles and adults. There is also a chance of Sparrowhawk taking the less wary juveniles off the table.

On the lakes – there should be lots of young ducklings, juvenile coots and moorhen by now and hopefully the Terns will be nesting on the rafts built especially for them. Watch out for Hobby gliding across the lakes in pursuit of the many dragonflies we have at Langford Lakes, you might be lucky enough to see the Hobbies hunting them. There should also be large numbers of Swallows, swifts and Sand and House Martins hawking for insects over the water throughout the summer. If you are really lucky you may get a flash of vivid blue as a Kingfisher flies across or even see one perched on the branches along the edge of the lake.

Record what you've seen.