Wild Landscapes is a small team within the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. We specifically aim to help individuals, schools, churches, councils or any other organisation transform their land. We provide the help needed to build havens for wildlife from management advice, habitat creation and site assessments, through to soft and hard design and landscaping.

This is how we work:

  • Once you have decided that you want to do something contact us so we can discuss the next steps
  • Usually the next step is a visit by our team to take a look at your land so that we can chat about what you want to achieve. This visit will give you options and ideas to shape your plans.
  • A popular option is a written report to set out findings and recommendations. We use all the resources available from the Wildlife Trust such as geological and watercourse mapping, and species survey data.  We also provide a broad-spectrum soil analysis if required.
  • Planting plans can be provided using design software and some artistic talent!
  • Should you wish, we can manage the project from start to finish and get our hands dirty too.
  • We can source any of the materials needed, from plants to hard landscaping, together with any contractors from digger drivers to electricians.

Our team consists of Nick Self and Chelsie Phillips.  With complementary skills and backgrounds Nick and Chelsie can take you through your project step by step to ensure you get the results that you want.


Wildflower meadows/Mini meadows - Wildflower meadows offer a fantastic habitat for a range of species including butterflies, moths, insects, reptiles and more; as well as offering a burst of colour over summer and autumn months. Wildflower meadows can be incorporated into any space, even into a mini-meadow which can become a beautiful green space feature. 

Wild Landscape

Wildlife Ponds - creating or revamping wildlife ponds, adding boardwalks, dipping platforms, native aquatic planting designs, and seating areas. Designs will be tailored to exact needs, whether that be in a school, private garden or corporate space. 

Wild Landscapes Ponds

Management Services - maintaining habitats and installations such as ponds, orchards, coppicing and scrub clearance. This can be 'one-off' maintenance such as clearing a pond or coppicing, or it can be an ongoing seasonal/yearly maintenance plan. Additional services would be wildlife surveys such as butterfly transects, management plans or schedules or specific species mapping across sites. 

Wild Landscapes Management services

Specific Habitat Creation - If you have a particular species in mind, we can offer designs and creation of a specific habitat such as hibernacula, small mammal shelters, bird feeders and nest boxes, bug hotels, native hedgerow planting etc.  

Wild Landscapes Habitat creation

Wildlife Garden/ Green Space Design - Planting schemes for pollinating borders, wildflower mini meadows, native shrub and tree planting. 

Wild Landscapes Wildlife Garden design

Project Engagement Workshop - With the expert background in leading adult and youth wellbeing projects at the Trust, Chelsie and Nick are fully qualified and highly experienced in offering outdoor wellbeing activities as part of our work. They tailor packages so that your staff, students, family, friends or community groups can get involved in the creation of your chosen green space project, so they can benefit and feel part of the process. Follow-up workshops such as a 'bioblitz', wildlife surveys or pond dipping can also be offered to make use of and get people interacting with your new wildlife space. 

Wild Landscapes Wellbeing

We are normally out and about across the county so please get in contact with us at [email protected] or leave us a message on 01380 829051.

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