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The Wellbeing Programme

Supporting mental and emotional wellbeing through outdoor activity in nature

"...better than any form of medication, it is not possible to put a monetary value on the work that Wiltshire Wildlife Trust does". Rachel, participant.

One in four people will develop a mental illness in their lifetime. Research shows that outdoor activity is beneficial to our mental and physical wellbeing. The Wellbeing Programme aims to improve mental wellbeing with a weekly programme of outdoor activities.

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Why is outdoor activity good for you?

Recent research indicates that physical activity outdoors can bring more benefit than exercising indoors and can help to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and depression.* It improves your health and stamina, develops your practical skills, helps you give back something to the environment and it is a sociable activity!

Since 2008 we have worked in partnership with NHS Wiltshire to provide activities for anyone experiencing mental health issues such as persistent low mood, depression, anxiety or long-term mental health conditions. The Programme provides fresh and stimulating activities, such as walking, taking care of local wildlife, woods and meadows, and learning traditional woodland crafts.

Find out more about the Programme tasks and activities here.

Whatever your needs and interests the Wellbeing Programme will support you through a variety of outdoor activity programmes and signpost you to other relevant training and support if required. The Wellbeing programme is available through your GP or health practitioner or via self referral. For further information and an application form please contact our Programme team:

Tim Kaye, Wellbeing Programme Officer – North and West

Bisi New, Wellbeing Programme Officer – South

Email: Tel: 01380 725670

Meet the people who have found the courage to embrace outdoor life in this interview on BBC Radio 4's Open Country programme, broadcast in January 2015.

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More information

Further Information for Health Practitioners

The Wellbeing Programme aims to work with health practitioners to provide additional support to patients suffering from mental and emotional issues. Individuals can benefit from improvements in their overall health and wellbeing through engagement with the natural environment and small, sociable task groups.

For further guidance and information please refer to the Wellbeing Programme Referral Protocol 2011-2013.

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In Partnership with Public Health, Wiltshire



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