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Lakeside Care Farm is recognised as a thriving and effective setting that offers children, young people and adults with individual needs the opportunity for meaningful education and work-based experiences in nature conservation, farming, horticulture, and Forest School activities.

Lakeside Care Farm is a special place where children and young people with additional needs can thrive. The calm environment and range of holistic learning opportunities available are impressive. The skilful and intuitive staff forge positive working relationships quickly with youngsters and parents/carers alike, so that sessions are impactful as possible from an early stage.

What is a Care Farm?

Social Farms and Gardens, of which we are an approved member, defines care farming as “the therapeutic use of farming practices”. At Lakeside we want our students to take a lead in developing the farm. Participants are encouraged to grow in confidence and skills and to develop their independence. Their health and wellbeing are nurtured and supported.

What do we do?

Season and weather-dependent, on a day-to-day basis our activities may include guinea pig, rabbit, and pig grooming, cleaning, weighing and feeding, seed and plug planting, gardening, vegetable harvesting, watering, weeding, wild art, nature walks, woodwork, composting, bird watching, insect and tree identification and activities such as campfire cooking and whittling.

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Skills and personal development

Literacy and numeracy skills are embedded within our work and we are accredited providers of Assessment and Qualification Alliance (AQA) Unit Awards and the John Muir Award, an environmental award scheme that encourages people to connect with, enjoy and care for nature.

Emotional literacy is an integral aspect of our work at Lakeside, with events such as the passing and burial of one of our guinea pigs being perfect for exploring feelings and emotions.

Who we work with

At Lakeside our experienced staff work with individuals and small groups. This includes, for example, children and young people with Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs), adult special needs groups and families.  We are accredited providers for Wiltshire Council.

Our costs are determined on an individual basis.

What our users say:

“Thank you for Lee's first afternoon with you today. It was just amazing to arrive and see a look of sheer pleasure and a massive smile on Lee’s face today! I have not seen such genuine happiness from Lee in such a long time.” (Parent)


“Stroking guinea pigs makes me feel calm when I am angry.” (Student)


“It’s a wonderful place, so full of inspiration for these young people who need a helping hand at school, college and everyday life. Lovely atmosphere.” (student support worker)


We do birthday parties! Interested in finding out more?

Where are we?

Lakeside Care Farm is located on the Trust's Lower Moor nature reserve with half an hour's drive of both Swindon and Malmesbury.

Lower Moor map

If you would like more information, please contact:

Dean Sherwin [email protected] 

Care Farm Manager

01666 860699/ 07887 758380

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