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Give yourself a pay rise, take the Waste Watchers Diet

Monday 5 November 2012

Cash in bin (Reserves Right OS Map (217x136))In tough economic times, many people are forgoing their annual pay rise from employers. What if you could give yourself a pay rise? How about an extra £100 a month? That’s quite a significant amount for most of Wiltshire’s residents. Impossible, you may think. But it isn’t. In fact, it is actually very possible.

How is it possible? Simple. Change your shopping and consumer habits. Cut the pounds out of your waste and put them in your pocket instead. What would you do with an extra £100 a month?

Perhaps you would treat yourself to a spa day; take the family for a luxury camping experience with a glamping trip; or treat yourself and your special someone to dinner at a nice restaurant; perhaps indulge in an evening at the theatre. Those self-indulgent extras could be a monthly treat!

Not sure you could save £100 a month? How about £50? For less than £50 you could join Wiltshire Wildlife Trust for a year, support your local wildlife and protect our beautiful county; or take up a new hobby at a local sailing and canoeing club; or take a class at Wiltshire College. All that just from one month’s savings! Perhaps you want to save all that extra money for a great holiday or pay off that mounting credit card faster. Wiltshire Wildlife Trust can help you save the money; how you spend it is entirely up to you.

“Let’s face it, there’s a lot you can do with some extra cash every month and it really is achievable.” said Emma Croft, Waste Minimisation Officer for the Trust. “It’s not as hard as it appears. Just by making very simple changes to your shopping habits, and thinking about what you’re buying and what you’re using around the house can help you save money as well as saving our precious resources. I’m looking for households in Wiltshire to lead the way across the county. If you think you might be interested in trying to slim your bin, call me today and ask about our Waste Watchers project. You will be helped along the way with advice and guidance to help you achieve the waste size you’ve always wanted!”

With Christmas looming, January will be the perfect time to start slimming your bin and putting the pounds back where they belong – in your pocket. If you want to find out more contact Emma Croft on 01380 736074,

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