I have a lifelong passion and interest in nature and wildlife and have created the new insurance brand Evergreen Insurance Services.

Having worked in the financial services industry for over 20 years I wanted to do something to give back, to help support charities.

People need insurance, whether it is for their homes, cars, life, holidays, pets or business so why not use a company where the ethos is around giving back and supporting our natural world.

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to see a wide variety of animals in their natural habitats.  One of my favourite moments was seeing a platypus in a river in Cairns, it was quite a magical moment, and then swimming with turtles and black tipped reef sharks.  On a trip a few years ago I saw wild proboscis monkeys and then the jungle came to life like Christmas lights with thousands of fire fly’s lighting up the forest canopy  - just amazing.

Closer to home I live with my 3 rescued cats and my partner who is a senior lecturer in animal behaviour, so together we have a passion for our natural world.  We try to create our garden as a habitat for wildlife and have seen an array of butterflies, bees and the odd toad! Most recently we had a family of foxes living at the end of our garden, raising their cub (#keeptheban), we watched from a distance and they have since moved on.  We often see red kites over our house and there is a colony of parakeets living in the trees by our house, lovely to see if not a little bit noisy!

The concept for Evergreen was driven by my desire to provide excellent service to customers, personally and professional whilst supporting the natural world.  As an insurance broker Evergreen earns commission from insurers for placing business with them, I don’t want to be greedy about income and don’t have shareholders concerned about the bottom line  - it is a business so need to make an income from Evergreen but also doing the right thing and supporting our environment.  For every £1 in commission I earn, I donate 10% in yr / 15% in yr 2 and 25% in yr 3 and for the lifetime of the policy to help support good causes.

Evergreen can assist clients with a range of insurance from personal to commercial.


Evergreen has partnered with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust to help protect the wildlife of Wiltshire and create living landscapes and to help people connect with nature and live more sustainably.

Evergreen Charity partnership infographic

To speak to a member of the team at Evergreen then please call the dedicated Wiltshire Wildlife Trust telephone number  020 3907 1353

Or you can request a quote from our website www.evergreeninsuranceservices.co.uk we look forward to hearing from you.

Dave Gardiner
Founder of Evergreen Insurance