Fungi comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but some are freakier than others! Familiarise yourself with some of the more weird and wacky fungi this Halloween!

Some look like brains!

The leafy brain fungus, as seen here at The Devenish nature reserve, grows on the dead timber of broadleaved trees and conifers.

Leafy brain fungus

Some are slimy!

The yellow dog vomit slime mould, also called the scrambled egg slime and witches butter, can often be found on bark mulch in urban areas after periods of wet weather.

Slime mould

Some look like fingers!

Fairly rare to see in the UK, the devils fingers fungi hatches from a slimy, gelatinous ‘egg’. As it grows, the tentacle-like arms start to protrude. It has a strong and unpleasant smell.

Devils fingersDevil's fingers fungus. Credit: Anita Goodwin

There’s even a fungi called dead man’s fingers, which reach out through moss and deadwood near beech trees.

Dead mans fingersDead mans fingers fungus. Credit: Chris Lawrence.

Some bleed!

The beefsteak fungus gets its name from an appearance similar to raw meat, and oozes a red liquid when cut.

Beefsteak fungus

So there you have it! Some very freaky fungi to find this Halloween! Seen any? Let us know in our #FindingFungi project! Visit the link below to download your FREE fungi spotting guides, too!

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