The UK has more than 15,000 species of fungi, but these emerge above the surface only once or twice a year. Because it is so short-lived, relatively few sites are well recorded, however we recommend a visit to the following nature reserves to find them while you can! 

Our top five nature reserves for finding fungi:

1. Ravensroost Woods

Ravensroost Wood

A beautiful woodland for a walk near Malmesbury. Over 450 species of fungi can be found in these woods!

The most unusual type that can be found here is the jellied mass of brain fungus - named because it really does look like a brain!

Brain fungus
Brain fungi.

2. Green Lane Woodland Complex

Green Lane Wood

Our largest woodland nature reserve, situated in Trowbridge. 389 species of fungi have been recorded in Biss Woods!

Fungi to be found includes the purple jellydisk fungus, lilac bonnet, green elf cup (which is a beautiful turquoise colour), and the yellow coloured dog vomit slime mould.

Green elf cup
Green elf cup fungi. Credit: Ali Mckernan

3. Clouts Wood

Clouts Wood

Nestled in the village of Wroughton, south of Swindon, hides shaggy parasol mushrooms, stump puffballs, velvet shank toadstools and dryad’s saddle.

Dryads Saddle
Dryad's Saddle bracket fungi. Credit: Ellie Dodson

4. Vincients Wood

Vincients Wood

Vincients Wood in Chippenham has a damp dark interior, deliberately left untouched. Here you will find lilac-coloured blewits, great bunches of trooping crumble cap that suddenly appear overnight, candle snuff and the miller. 

Candle snuff fungus
Candle snuff fungus. Credit: Chris Lawrence

5. Peppercombe Wood


A strip of ancient woodland on the edge of Urchfont. Look for horseshoe fungi amongst others. 

Horseshoe fungi
Horseshoe fungi. Credit: Owain Shaw

Identifying fungi

Fungi ID can be difficult without the help of a book to guide you. That’s why we’ve created the below spotter sheets, to help you identify some of the more commonly seen species of fungi in Wiltshire for free!

Does your fungi look like this? It's a type of bracket fungus! Download our spotting sheet to identify the species.

Bracket fungus

Download our bracket fungi spotting sheet

Does your fungi look like this? It's a type of mushroom fungus. Download our mushroom spotters sheet to identify the species.


Download our mushroom spotting sheet

For more tips on identifying fungi, check out the FUNgi guy on YouTube:

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