This week (1st - 7th June) is Volunteering Week, and today we are focusing on community wellbeing. 

Trevor Yeates has been volunteering for our Wellbeing Team and tells us about his experience.

How Trevor got involved

Trevor was originally a participant with the wellbeing program in 2019 when suffering with anxiety and depression. He believes this helped to turn his life around, giving him purpose, confidence and a knew perception on life. He was asked to become a mentor for the next cohort of participants which made him extremely proud. He has since gone on to present on behalf of the trust to the council and carers organizations. Trevor is now also one of our trust’s committee members.

Q: Why did you chose to volunteer with WWT?

I've totally come full circle and its not just about giving back, I still get so much out of what we do in Wellbeing. I have loved every minute of it. Why would I not continue! We have a great laugh and it’s a lovely environment to be a part of.

Q: What are your memorable moments with us?

I found the program a personal revelation. Being outside and being more mindful of what's around us, with prompts from the team. The walks I used to take may now take twice as long but the benefits are 10 times more enjoyable. Going out with people in similar situations also accessing this is just brilliant. I love the group and the staff are just amazing to be around. Its given me something that all other interventions weren't able to provide.

Since volunteering I’m a lot more confident and in a much happier place. You always get so much more out of volunteering than you put in. This gives me purpose and something to look forward to every week.

- Trevor Yeates

Thank you Trevor!

  • Trevor is now an integral member of our volunteering support team

  • He is always so keen to help

  • He is incredibly modest about the great work he provides

  • He really believes in what we do

Photograph of Trevor Yeates


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