Mrs Cooke is retiring after an amazing career in teaching. She is known to many in the Marlborough area, is teaching the children of ex-pupils and is loved and remembered by many. Her teaching career has spanned an impressive forty plus years. Mrs Cooke has worked tirelessly supporting children with Dyslexia and other special educational needs. Most recently she has taught part-time at Burbage Primary School where she will be hugely missed.

Mrs Cooke, being the totally dynamic person she is, runs around the Bay Meadow area and has asked that any gifts to mark her retirement go towards protecting the area from development. She is passionate about wildlife and the countryside.

Recent donation comments:

Dear Mrs Cooke, thank you for all you've done for the girls since they've been at Burbage, we enjoy the hilarious Mrs Cooke anecdotes and how much you've captured their imaginations. What a great cause to support, best wishes for a relaxing retirement.

~ Tom & Laura Moore

Gina, You have been amazing to work with and I shall miss you dearly! Enjoy your retirement - you deserve it xx

~ Julie Sinclair

Dear Mrs Cooke, no surprise that such a wonderful lady would choose such a wonderful cause. Thank you so very much for teaching Samuel to read and Eva to spell. You made a real difference to both of them and we greatly appreciate the care and enthusiasm you’ve shown them both. Very best wishes for a long, happy and healthy retirement

~ Jo and Chris Murgatroyd xxx

Mrs Cooke you have been an amazing teacher and Darcy has been so inspired by your lessons. Even tonight she got home and excitedly showed me a caddisfly on the internet and was obviously enthralled to see one in the flesh! Great teachers stay in kids memories forever - and you will be missed! Great to see a retirement fundraising opportunity being used so beautifully. Thank you x

~ Nikki McAllistair

Happy retirement Gina, what am I going to do without you ? You will be greatly missed!

~ Lucy x

With love from Hattie Butler x

Thank you for bringing this trust to our attention! Such a beautiful place in the world!

~ Gwenaelle Morvan

We will miss you! Enjoy your retirement xx

~ Katie Broughton

Thank you for your dedication, hard work and support at Burbage Primary School.

~ Christina Stewart

We will miss you so much Gina. Enjoy your retirement, Zoe x

~ Zoe Garbutr

We will miss you. Happy Retirement xx

~ The Lockwoods

Thanks for everything Gina. You’re an inspiration to us all. Happy retirement. Tom xx.

What a wonderful teacher you have been. Memories of your lessons will be with my children for years to come. We wish you a fabulous retirement.

~ The Anderson’s

Zoe Garbutt