Wiltshire Wildlife Community Energy

We are committed to creating a sustainable future for wildlife and people. The local generation of electricity from solar panels will help Wiltshire reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and play its part in combating climate change.

We have worked with Bath & West Community Energy (a local community enterprise already developing community owned renewables projects) to establish Wiltshire Wildlife Community Energy (WWCE).

WWCE is an independent community enterprise set up to develop, finance and operate community-owned renewable energy projects.

We recognise that climate change threatens the natural world and the development of community-owned renewable energy projects provides us with a tangible way of responding to this threat.WWCE is a practical outcome of our deep commitment to the long-term protection of wildlife habitats and biodiversity. However, as an independent community organisation, WWCE is controlled by its members on a one member one vote basis, regardless of the level of shareholding. WWCE has been set up as a Community Benefit Society in order to maximise the benefits that are retained locally and are re-invested back into local projects.

To find out more visit www.wwce.org