Who are we?

We are the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust Recycle for Wiltshire Team, our project is funded by Wiltshire Council to work in specific towns throughout Wiltshire, encouraging residents to reduce waste and recycle. 

We are currently working in Trowbridge. Learn more about our project.

Who's taking part?

The 2019 Wiltshire Waste Watcher Challenge is running in Trowbridge; you will find the current schools taking part on the leaderboard below.


Running School Date of intro assembly Date of card collection % of completed cards
Oasis Academy Long meadow                    29.4.19                                                  13.5.19 1%
Holbrook Primary School              8.5.18                                              22.5.19 6%
West Ashton Primary                    2.5.19                                          16.5.19 51%
The Grove Primary School 13.5.19 3.6.19 53%
The Mead School, Hilperton 2.5.19 15.5.19 4%
The Mead School, Wingfield 1.5.19 14.5.19 44%

We'll be posting tips and activities on our Facebook page and Twitter so follow us for extra ways you can help your school. 

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