We need your help to expand our innovative Care Farm and rescue new therapy goats. 

Lakeside Care Farm is running an exciting programme that provides children and young adults with individual needs a safe space to experience nature, learn new skills and thrive, all through interacting with our animals and wildlife.

Most of our students at Lakeside are primary school age and are facing challenges in their lives. Holding and caring for therapy animals on the farm gives the children comfort, inspires emotional connection and helps us to improve understanding. 

 Your donation will help continue this vital work. 

“Stroking pigs makes me feel calm when I am angry.”(Student)

On the Care Farm, we see children blossom as they interact more with the therapy animals, and creating a home for their animal friends also improves their learning. 

Using animals and nature in a therapeutic way has allowed us to support many young people, who face challenges in a school setting, to be more aware of their emotions and reduce their social anxiety, helping many of them back into education. 

If you would like to see the Care Farm in action, our work will be featured on the BBC1 Countryfile programme on Sunday 20 January 2019.

We need your support now to care for the rescue goats that will expand our therapy animal programme and provide more important opportunities for animal interactions with the students who are referred to us. 

What will your donation be used for?

  • We need £3,000 to foster a small group of rescue goats and to build their living space and shelter. 
  • A further £700 will pay for a years worth of goat food.
  • £500 of this money will pay for a fun area and materials for interacting with the animals.
  • Another £500 Pays for initial vets fees and vaccinations.  
  • Finally, £300 will allow us to create seating areas where the children can work with the goats.

Goats make ideal therapy animals due to their confident, curious and social natures. They are very interested in their environment and are likely to approach the children, which builds trust and improves their sense of self-esteem. 

As a Wildlife Trust, we believe it is important that all children and young people should be able to experience nature and benefit from the natural world, as well as learning to care for it.  The Care Farm is a unique and innovative project that enables this to happen - irrespective of any child’s abilities. 

Donate now to support this important work