WSBRC provides a data enquiry service to all users, including environmental consultants, voluntary organisations and members of the public, supplying standardised data search information for species, sites and habitats. The service is normally a chargeable one based on the time required to gather, manage, process and extract the data required and present it in a report. The income from this is vital to ensure WSBRC’s future as other funding streams decline.

Charges are sometimes waived for individuals or local voluntary groups and in this case we encourage you to make a voluntary donation to cover the staff time to assist you with your enquiry.

A typical simple data search takes around 30-45 minutes to complete and many enquiries take longer.

Please know that your donation will really help us in our work to gather, manage and maintain high quality biological data, support the recording community in Wiltshire and insure important areas for biodiversity are properly taken into account now and in future. Thank you!


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