Thank you for your interest in helping us to purchase and protect the remaining area of Gutch Common Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

With your support, this ancient site and its diverse habitat will be protected and managed as a public nature reserve, connecting with Oysters Coppice SSSI and Wincombe Lane Woods to create an area of 108.59 acres of protected woodland and wet grassland. 

The important species associated with this habitat - such as greater bird’s trefoil, marsh pennywort, meadowsweet, sneezewort, Devil’s bit scabious, greater burnet and bluebells - are firmly rooted in our folklore and natural history.

Your donation will enable us to establish these woodlands as a nature reserve and enhance them for wildlife. 

Your help means that this historic site – a place for relaxation and connection with nature – will continue to benefit wildlife and people, and can be enjoyed by current and future generations.

If you’re able to support us, please donate using the link above.

Or if you would like any further details, please contact:

Rebecca Goddard - [email protected] / 01380 736065

Ed Bersey - [email protected]