Japanese knotweed is an aggressively invasive and undesirable plant. It out-competes our native plant species and can cause structural damage to property. It is in all of our interests to work together to eradicate it.

Japanese knotweed 1 © Sue Sawyer WWT

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust carries out a wide ranging eradication programme in the River Avon catchment. The average cost to undertake a stem injection and/or foliar treatment for each site is £195.00. This includes travel costs to and from site, labour, equipment for use by qualified operatives, supply of chemical with adjuvant and administrative time to organise and document the work. However, due to reduced funding, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust is not able to fund all the estimated treatment costs for the catchment this year.

We need your help to complete our programme and are asking for donations towards eradication costs. A donation of £65.00 (one third of the cost to treat a site) will enable us to complete our treatment programme.

We are grateful for all the support we have received over the last few years but if this programme is not seen through to the end, previous years of work will have been in vain. It is likely that the Japanese knotweed will then have to be tackled again in the near future.