Find your inner wildness…

Throughout June we are encouraging everyone to find their 'inner wildness' by taking part in The Wildlife Trust's campaign '30 Days Wild (#30dayswild).

The idea behind the campaign is to help people reconnect with nature by doing something 'wild' every day of the month.

It's easier than you may think, but if you're feeling stuck and need inspiration, just take a look at the daily posts on our Facebook page which give plenty of ideas on what you can do.

Whether it's taking time out to sit back and enjoy watching the bees and butterflies buzz and flit around you, dip your toes in the fresh water of one of Wiltshire's chalk streams, or simply lie back on soft cool grass and look up at the clouds above you. There's so much to take pleasure in – just take a step outside and start enjoying the wonderful natural environment that surrounds you.

…and improve your wellbeing

What's more, reconnecting with nature can also help improve your wellbeing. Numerous studies have shown that spending time outdoors and getting involved in nature-based activities can have beneficial effects on your mental health.

This is the ethos behind Wiltshire Wildlife Trust's Wellbeing programme which provides therapy through nature for those with mental health issues. The programme has been running in Wiltshire since 2008 and in Swindon since the beginning of 2017.

What we've been up to

Some of the highlights over the last few weeks have included taking part in activities like bumble bee surveying at Cloatley Meadows, pond dipping at Lower Moor Farm and making elderflower cordial, as well as the more physically demanding tasks of scrub clearance on the cycle path between Swindon and Marlborough, ragwort pulling at Coombe Bissett Down, and installing low hazel hurdles around the wildflower beds at Roundway Orchard.

Our work isn't limited to just one month – it runs throughout the year, with the nature of activities changing with the seasons. And likewise, there's no need to limit your wildness to June – by the time you read this blog the month will be almost over (!) so if you haven't started your wild journey yet, why not start today? Do something wild and nature-inspired and see where it takes you!

Get in touch

If you feel you would benefit from joining the programme or know someone who might, please get in touch with us. We run groups in Wiltshire and Swindon. Call the office on 01380 736 098 or email us for more information.