Our next story this Mental Health Awareness Week comes from Elle who was suffering with PTSD; in her own words she tells us how the Wellbeing Programme helped her “stand on her own two feet again”.

Elle's story: The Wellbeing Programme – a critical 'stepping stone'

I am incredibly grateful that I was referred onto the Wiltshire Wildlife Wellbeing Programme. Before joining, my mental health had been very poor, as I had been suffering from PTSD for almost a year. I felt very lost and fragile. 

The programme gave me something to look forward to. After a 'getting to know you' meeting with some of the team leaders, I was excited and hopeful, for the first time in months, at the thought of the upcoming activities (wearing waders and repairing a local river, helping in a garden, forest and nature reserve). It was incredibly helpful for me to have some purpose and structure in the week again. Even when I was feeling awful I remembered that I had an activity to look forward to, with people who understood how I was feeling, all in a safe, interesting, different place.

Being outdoors, trying new things, having small achievable goals, being able to chat with others if I wanted to, having the space to be quiet if I wanted to, contributing to helping wildlife and other people, feeling safe and getting to know new people, all made a huge difference to my recovery and mental health. 

My close friends and family noticed a significant difference in me after I'd been going to the activities for a few weeks.

The confidence and growing energy that I gained from the Wellbeing Programme, led to me applying to be a volunteer at a local National Trust garden. For a few weeks I did both activities once a week, and then felt I had even more energy so started volunteering at my local shop, and started looking for paid work again. At this point I felt that the Wellbeing Programme had been a critical 'stepping stone' for me to be able to stand on my own two feet again, and that I was ready to finish with the programme and make a space for someone else to join, who really needed it. 

I am genuinely eternally grateful for the programme and all of the benefits that I've gained from being a part of it. I hope that it can continue for a long time to come, as it definitely works and is exactly what I needed to improve and help stabilise my mental health and overall wellbeing.

Name has been changed.

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