Zero Waste Week Tips

It's the start of Zero Waste Week today (4th September) and we want to know if any of our readers are taking part! Zero Waste Week is the annual awareness campaign for reducing landfill. It's about looking at the types of waste you're putting into your black bins and attempting to reduce or eliminate it through careful purchasing, reusing and recycling... three things that we love doing here at Wiltshire Wildlife Trust.

To help you along the way, we've popped together our top 3 tips for going Zero Waste:

1) Avoid one-use plastics such as plastic cutlery, plastic drinks cups, straws and plastic bags. 

2) Buy some useful reusables such as coffee cups, reusable food containers/jars and cutlery and your own 'lifelong' bag for shopping.

3) Find local 'eco-shops' where you can buy more of your weekly shopping package-free and from local suppliers to reduce your environmental impact too!

We also produced our own guide to reducing waste and going waste-free! Download your copy!


Sign Up and make your pledge for Zero Waste Week, but it doesn't end there! 

Whilst Zero Waste Week is highly promoted during September, they also continue to send interesting newsletters and exciting blogs throughout the year, alongside a great online community. 

What we've been up to this Summer...

Our team has been very busy over the summer months planning workshops and events with numerous community and educational groups across all three of our focus areas; Tidworth & Ludgershall, Royal Wootton Bassett and Westbury. We've been trailing new concepts from our Schools Waste Reward Cards, Upcycled Wildlife Gardens to developing new litter campaigns and collaborating with local Men's Shed groups. We're really trying to create new and interesting ways to engage people with waste and recycling, so yes, our office and store room is even messier than usual! 

If you are part of a community group, a youth group of maybe work with a local school or preschool, particularly in our new area of Royal Wootton Bassett & Cricklade, then get in touch to see what we can support you with. 

Email the Waste Team

The Real Nappy Network

We also thought we'd give a mention to the wonderful Real Nappy Network this month! Ran entirely by a group of dedicated volunteers, this network has gone from strength to strength, educating and enabling people to trial real/reusable cloth nappies within Wiltshire and offering fantastic advice and support along the way.

Currently, in the UK about 8 million disposable nappies are thrown away every day. Modern cloth nappies are advanced, easy to use and even easier to clean, not only could it be saving you up to £500 per child but they are much kinder to the environment.

If you live in Wiltshire and have a young baby or toddler and would like some more information about Real Nappies and the trial kits, or if you would like to become one of our Real Nappy Volunteers, then get in touch with us or visit the website.

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