Picture a landscape devoid of colour or our diets lacking so much of the fruit we take for granted. Apples, raspberries, plums and cherries. Without bees and other insect pollinators our diet would by very boring, but so would our landscape. Plants of all sorts, wild and garden, need pollinators, just as the bees need the flowers as a source of nectar and pollen. We lose one we lose the other.

In Wiltshire, we are lucky enough to have a good diversity of bees due to our unimproved chalk grasslands such as Salisbury Plain and Cherhill Down. These areas are rich in wildflowers, providing a wide range of plants for the bees to forage amongst.

Print off a copy of the bee spotter guide and let us know what bees you’ve spotted and where?

This blog was written by Steve Smailes- Wildlife Information Volunteer.