Setting up

For the latter half of 2016 myself (Rachel) and manager Frank with the support of a handful of students set about finalising construction on the site. With an education and support work background our carpentry, decorating and cement mixing skills were put to the test as we completed these projects.

Thrown in at the deep end

Newly appointed to the Trust, my first week at the farm was varied to say the least… I was tasked to build a bay from pallets to store top soil. Although I am pleased with the end result I remember the hammer feeling heavier and heavier as the day continued; each strike becoming less and less effective with Frank having to be called in for the final piece.

Sense of achievement

An exciting skill I am pleased to have is that of Picket Fence building; the method once explained seems relatively straight forward and other than the ongoing issue of achy arms I thought I did a pretty good job... That was until our builder Pete appeared to inform us it was wonky and making him feel ill!! Turns out the spacer I have been using was ever so slightly not straight so as I continued to work along the fence line the angle became more and more exaggerated! This was soon rectified and the fence is now a beautiful and permanent addition to the farm that appears to have always belonged.

If only we knew...

With the construction of the two new buildings complete, it was time to paint the bare concrete floor as untreated, the dust continued to accumulate and was not a practical surface for any form of activity! One room at a time the floor was painted with the method evolving constantly; when completing the art room floor it was found pouring the paint straight onto the floor was the best way to get an even finish on an uneven surface… This discovery would have been handy from the outset as second coats and touch ups have been needed but it was certainly useful when painting the kitchen floor.

More updates from the Care Farm coming soon! 

Rachel Morrell 

Education Support Worker