How does nature make you feel?

This was one of the questions we asked members of the public at our recent Country Comes to Town event.

People were invited to write down their thoughts on cut-out oak leaves and then stick them on our 'Wellbeing Tree'. We also asked 'What in nature makes you happy?' Mostly adults wrote down their thoughts whilst children preferred to colour in or draw on the leaves. This meant that by the end of the event our tree was blossoming with nearly 100 leaves, decorated in all colours, some with drawings of owls, butterflies and flowers, and others with the written thoughts (you can read these below). The leaves will now be turned into bunting to decorate the Wellbeing office. 

The Wellbeing Tree will soon be making another appearance, where it will take the form of... an apple tree! 

Celebrating all things apple

On Saturday 14th October, we will be holding an apple celebration event at Roundway Orchard in Devizes, from 1pm to 4pm, where we'll be picking apples for juicing and bottling.

Everyone is welcome to come along and help us pick apples... and you can bag yourself some as well! Up to one-third of the crop will be picked, leaving plenty of apples to provide winter feed for wildlife over the coming months. 

Other activities will include:

  • Apple Pressing
  • Dipping Apples in chocolate
  • Peeling the longest peel competition

It's sure to be a fun day out for all the family. If you'd like to come along, remember to wear old clothes, stout shoes and bring a small bag if you're planning on taking some apples home. 

An apple a day...

As well as celebrating all things apple, the event is very much a celebration of what Wellbeing participants have achieved.

The site is being managed by the north-west Wiltshire Wellbeing group who come out to the site almost weekly. Thanks to their efforts the old cricket field now boasts a stunning wildflower bed, sown with seeds from the Trust's Clattinger Farm Nature Reserve; the flower bed is neatly framed by low-lying hazel hurdles, also constructed and installed by the group. There is also a beetle bank which the team created using the turf that was removed to make way for the flower bed - this is now home to all sorts of creatures. And in the orchard, there are two picnic benches which the team have recently installed and which will provide a welcome resting point where visitors can sit down and enjoy the surroundings. 

We all know the saying 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away'... in this case, the whole orchard is providing a source of immeasurable health benefits. And the good work is replicated across the county - in Swindon, participants have been managing their own health-giving crops in the form of the raised beds at Lower Moor Farm, where the team have been growing a range of vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers.

Get in touch

The Wellbeing Programme provides therapy through nature for people with mental health issues - participants get involved in conservation work, wildlife walks and nature-based crafts which are designed to help with their recovery. Groups are run in Swindon and Wiltshire - if you feel you would benefit from join the programme or know someone who might benefit, do get in touch with us on:

01380 736098 or email Wellbeing

Oak leaves - what people wrote:

How does nature make you feel?

Relaxed and Calm

Excited to see all of the animals

Peaceful, happy, determined to work to preserve what we have

Relaxed, loved, happy, calm, energised

Relaxed, calm, happy, free

Happy, alive, interested

It makes me feel happy because it means you could live a happy life with nature

Excited, because I can't wait to find new animals - I like to look in lakes and ponds to find creatures

Part of creation: A good feeling

Happy, because there are lots of things in nature




Relaxed - time to think

I like to watch out for different birds and animals- I also like to climb trees

Peaceful, inspired and humbled

Happy, calm, free, energised, accepting, hopeful



Be happy! 

What in nature makes you happy?

Escaping everything, seeing wildlife (eg butterflies and birds)

The sunshine! 

The beautiful flowers and the butterflies

Fresh air, the views, the sounds...

The sounds of the birds! Tweet!

Playing in the woods!

Wildflowers, like cowslips

Sights, sounds and smells

Animals (owls, rabbits), peaceful, freedom, view, redwood trees, exploring

The feeling of freedom and the peacefulness

The birds and crickets and other animals that make beautiful music 

Wondering through beautiful oak woodlands 

Finding nature's treasures

Space, birdsong, memories of my childhood

Mesmerised, beautiful – WOW!

Lots of room to run

The animals

Colours of the trees, the rustling of the leaves, the fresh air and peacefulness

Finding something new!

Hedgehogs and sunsets

I love all the beautiful colours

Looking at the stars at night and realising how small we are

Blue skies and clouds

All the beautiful colours

Beautiful caterpillars

Animals and flowers