A guest blog written by Rosie Ray, Wiltshire County Dragonfly Recorder

At the beginning of August, two Dragonfly Walks took place at Langford Lakes and Sandpool Reserves. These were organised by Michael New with myself as the guest ‘expert’. There were around 10 participants on each.

The first walk, at Langford Lakes, found the day very humid with patchy drizzly rain. Not much was flying but I had taken some examples of exuvia (the dried outer casings of young dragonflies) and the group was able to see how dragonflies and damselflies live in the larval stage in water. We then went on to find exuvia among the bankside vegetation. With a brief window of sunshine, dragonflies appeared, and the group were able to identify Brown Hawkers, Emperors, Common Darters and several species of damselfly.

Two days later, we were at Sandpool for the second walk and the weather was glorious. Dragonflies were in abundance including Southern Hawkers, Migrant Hawkers, Emperors, a Lesser Emperor,

Brown Hawkers, Common Darters, Ruddy Darters and, again, several species of damselfly.

Both days ended with refreshments in the Kingfisher and Dragonfly Café respectively.

We have received positive feedback from both walks, and I hope we can do more in the future.

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