‘This morning I really didn’t want to come but now I just don’t want to leave’


After a busy half term filled with activities, the Milestones team have been reminiscing over the last year’s programme of holiday activities and celebrating a successful new programme of events.

Working with our partners Splash, Canal and River Trust, Devizes Angling Club and Wildlife Wonder we have worked to provide a fun-filled programme of nature-based activities with over 200 available spaces for the young people of Wiltshire to attend.

We have worked closely with Splash, a part of Youth Action Wiltshire who aims are to attract and support young people between the ages of 9 - 16 years into positive and inspiring leisure activities. All the activities they provide work towards developing self-confidence and self-belief in a fun and safe environment. Although they prioritise those who are experiencing challenges in life, Splash activities are open to all and aim to empower young people to make independent, positive and safe choices about their leisure time.

This year the activities were held on Wiltshire Wildlife Trust nature reserves and Canal and Rivers Trust sites across Wiltshire from Steeple Langford to Oaksey. The wide variety of themed events; from a woodland survival day to a mad hatter’s tea party, were designed to capture imaginations and inspire young people about the natural environment whilst building an appreciation with local green spaces.

The activities aimed to develop social, emotional and practical skills from showing respect for the natural environment and people around them, to learning practical outdoor skills such as how to cook over a fire or safely light a Kelly Kettle.

Many of the young people who come out on these days out are surprised to have so much fun away from the computer and the comforts of home, they try new things, make new friends and enjoy the benefits that the time and space that being in nature provides.

Look out for our Christmas Woodland Craft day on the Splash website.

'I feel happy to be outside and free instead of inside and on the computer'

'The boys had the most fantastic time yesterday and were so impressed with catching fish! They both woke up still talking about it this morning. Many thanks for giving them such an entertaining day. They are really looking forward to the next event.' Parent.

This blog was written by Rachel Bush from the Milestones Project.