Half Term was a busy old week for the waste team, we were secretly wishing for some downtime to breathe and ‘tidy’ the office but instead found ourselves satisfyingly busy, busy, busy.

On Monday 13th Feb we set out to Tidworth (our current focus town) for a 10am Litter pick and Nature Walk, we were pleasantly surprised with the amount of local residents joining us; we had 10 adults and 29 children participating! The litter pick started at the A338 Park and continued down to Tedworth Park and finished for a brew and biscuits at St Andrews Hall. The kids loved it! They were very keen to ‘clean up’ Tidworth and make their green spaces “pretty again”, unfortunately there was plenty of litter to keep all hands busy!

The litter pick ended in Tedworth Park where we introduced the nature walk; families were able to search for critters in the leaf litter, I.D local tree species and even suss out an active badger sett! 

Overall all families were pleased with their productive yet fun morning and it was a good opportunity for them to realise just how much litter is on their doorstep and how this effects their local wildlife.

Wednesday bought 2 radio interviews, one for the Jukebox Show at Castledown Radio Station (Tidworths local) and BFBS (British Forces station). The first started bright and breezy at 8:30am when Jess and I went LIVE on The Jukebox Show; a slightly nerve-wracking experience for myself but the cool as steal Jess kept me (mostly) calm and collected. We chatted about Wiltshire’s recycling scheme, the work The Waste Team are delivering in Tidworth, Waste Free Feb and upcoming local events.

We then headed to BFBS and recorded a thankfully non-live show for Chris’s morning show to be aired the following day, we talked about the same subjects; Chris is keen to have us back on his show to give recycling and waste reducing tips. 

The afternoon was spent door knocking on 105 flats in Tidworth, with 45% of people being at home, this was our most successful door knocking session to date. We gave residents the chance to air any questions about their recycling/waste services and made sure they were all aware of what items can be recycled and additional services available such as the Repair Academy!

Thursday we had 2 up-cycled gardening events, 1 in the morning at Tidworth Community Centre and 1 in the afternoon at Ludgershall Memorial Hall. Tidworths event had an overwhelming response, with 36 adults and 77 children turning up and staying the full 2 hours enjoying making plant pots, plant sticks, terrariums, bug homes and bird feeders all made out of rubbish and recyclable goodies.

The Ludgershall event seemed slightly lower key with 11 adults and 10 children but this was one of our busiest Ludgershall events!

It was great to see many new faces as well as many returning ones but best of all it was fab seeing all people, young and old really enjoying each activity and taking on board the important reuse and recycle message!

On top of all of that we 3 in The Waste Team (joint by Wellbeing’s lovely Jo) have been attempting to live waste free for the whole of Feb, #WasteFreeFeb. All have found it to more challenging than we first thought, with the amount of un-recyclable product packaging we are finding it restrictive and inconvenient but it is certainly an eye opener and a challenge that is getting people talking and thinking across the county!

If you are keen to learn more about the fascinating waste free lifestyle or just want some handy tips you can request for our Waste Free Living Guide and check out our #WasteFreeFeb blogs.


Thanks for reading,

Education and Wellbeing Officer for The Waste Team