Check out some of the birds that are here over the Winter period...



Description:  Small songbird with a dark back and orange-buff breast and shoulder.

Habitat: woodland, farmland, gardens. Vincients Wood, Peppercombe Wood,

When to spot: A winter migrant, you can spot bramblings hanging out in large flocks with chaffinches from late September through to March.

Jack Snipe

c_Adam Jones

Description:  A stocky bird with a dark upperside, broad bright cream stripes on its back and a long bill.

Habitat: Long, tussocky vegetation in wetlands, such as water meadow, lake fringes and river edges. WWT Reserve Smallbrook Meadows, Ramsbury Meadow, Jones Mill, Ravensroost

When to spot: Jack snipe can usually be spotted between November and March, when they return to breed in Sweden, Finland and Russia.



Description: A large thrush with a blue-grey head and black eye mask, grey rump and spotted breast.

Habitat: Farmland scrub, hedges and orchards. WWT Reserves Dunscombe Bottom, Coombe Bissett, Penn Wood, Morgans Hill , Blakehill, Cloatley

When to spot: Fieldfare arrive from October and return to their breeding grounds in Scandinavia, Russia and the Baltic States in March.

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