I first met Jessica from Wiltshire Wildlife Trust’s Waste Team when she joined us on a ‘Tidworth Community Litter Pick’. This was something that I had organized in conjunction with Tidworth Town Council and Wiltshire County Council to begin to tackle the litter problem in the Tidworth Community Area. Jessica joined us on a few litter picks to help encourage us to recycle what we were collecting. This was to help reduce the amount of waste that was going to ‘landfill’ sites. Jessica also came up with some ideas to help encourage local people to get involved, this included providing hot and cold drinks at the start and finish of each litter pick. This is something that we continue to do now!

Zouch Academy - getting children outdoors exploring, learning about and conserving our wildlife

Last Autumn I agreed to support WWT Waste Education Officers Gemma and Chelsie at the Zouch Academy Wildlife after school club which ran for 6 weeks.  At the club we made things out of what can be found on the school and its grounds such as upcycled bird feeders out of plastic bottles and pine cones and bug homes from natural materials.  The children really enjoyed litter picking on school grounds which was surprising! This club was informal and educational and Gemma and Chelsie were very good at leading group discussions with the children - getting them to think about the different wildlife they might find in their gardens and hedges, trees and fields surrounding the school.  They linked the wildlife they had talked about with the activities we had done and how reusing and reducing our rubbish can help protect our wildlife. My own young daughter attended this club and is now very aware of animal welfare and thinking about her environment. As a household we certainly think a lot more about waste. When we’re out food shopping we consider the packaging and if we can buy food without packaging we will. Also we recycle a lot more in the bins at home provided by Wiltshire Council. My daughter now even tells us whether items can be recycled or not!

Better recycling

Tidworth Town Council now has its very own statue of local legend the ‘Drummer Boy’, made out of recycled materials by local residents, the Waste Team and Wiltshire Scrapstore.  The sculpture will eventually stand somewhere in the grounds of the new planned Tidworth Civic Centre. I understand the washing machine and white goods repair workshop was well received in the local community and that there have been various other ‘pop up’ events held last summer, for children and families to get involved with! All of this I feel is having a great impact on the local community.

This blog was written by Brian Platt.