New Arrivals

Just before Easter, we were pleased to receive some new arrivals at the farm! Two gorgeous rabbits called Molly and Jupiter and a very lively 5-month-old neutered Guinea Pig called Domino. The Guinea Pig clan has settled well together and the arrival of the neutered male has really helped settle our existing gang of bossy ladies. The rabbits have been doing well and are very popular and friendly with children and young people.

bunnies from the care farm

Easter at the Farm

Lakeside celebrated Easter with two Easter Egg hunts and activity days here at the farm. Both were a great success and included making your own chocolate egg... we are still finding chocolate as it managed to go EVERYWHERE!!!

Chocolate egg making at Easter

The Great Escape

Jupiter our black & white bunny has been a real test of the strength of our enclosures... her companion Molly just likes to sit and eat grass, looking cute whereas Jupiter likes to seek out all the possible escape routes and has successfully escaped 6 times and counting. Each time a new brick or fence is added/repaired but she always seems to be one step ahead of us! 
Fortunately, she has yet to stray too far and seems content enough to be put back with her buddy. 

Guinea Pig Weigh in

The great Guinea Pig weigh-in was undertaken on Wednesday 9th May by staff and students. Bets were made as to who they thought was the heaviest and who would sit in the scales for the longest. With only one person getting any correct it appears Fluff is very distracting from the actual weight of our Guineas. Not only is this an important activity for proper animal care, the children learned about mass, balance and adding up large numbers. 

If you would like to get involved with Care Farm, visit their web page.

This was written by Rachel our Education Support Worker at Lakeside!