A new eight-week Wellbeing Programme will be delivered in Tidworth this spring thanks to funding from the Tidworth Area Board.

The aim of the short programme will be the same as for the longer running programmes in the north and south of the county, i.e. to provide nature-based activities for people living with mental health conditions. This short programme is a pilot project and the idea is that it will help ‘kick-start’ people’s wellbeing.

The activities on offer will range from conservation work to wildlife walks and nature-based crafts and all will be based on the Six Ways to Wellbeing, which are the six areas in our lives – Body, Mind, Spirit, People, Place and Planet – where we can make improvements to living more fulfilling lives, mentally, physically and emotionally.

The eight-week programme will look something like this:

Week 1 Welcome to the programme

The first session will welcome participants to the programme and explain how the Six Ways to Wellbeing will be incorporated into the sessions provided. The activity on the day could be a nature walk and team-building activity.

Week 2 Place - Take notice

Using sensory activities, participants will become more aware of the natural world around them. The activity on the day could be a nature walk and mindfulness activities.

Week 3 Body - Be active

Participants will learn why regular exercise is essential for both physical and mental health. The activity on the day could be scrub clearance and conservation work.

Week 4 Mind - Keep learning

Participants will learn new skills. The activity on the day could be a session whittling and be carving a spoon from wood with a local woodworker.

Break week, no activity

Time for participants to reflect on what they have achieved so far.

Week 5 Spirit - Give

Volunteering your time and seeing yourself and your happiness linked to the wider community can be incredibly rewarding. The activity on the day could be a session run in conjunction with a local community group.

Week 6 ­Planet - Care for the planet

Participants will have the opportunity to contribute to essential conservation work carried out by the Trust. The activity on the day could involve horticultural work.

Week 7 People - Connect

Participants will have the opportunity to take part in some nature-based team building activities, which will highlight the benefits of building trust, relationships and friendships. The activity on the day could be finishing the horticultural work and teambuilding activities.

Week 8 Celebration

The programme will conclude with a celebration event, designed to enable participants to reflect on what they have achieved. There will be an opportunity to share a meal – either a picnic or barbeque – and the programme will conclude with a certificate presentation to celebrate each person's participation.

Once the programme comes to an end, the team will help participants move on to longer term volunteering opportunities, either within the Trust or with other local organisations, so they can build on the experience and momentum gained from the programme.

The actual start date is yet to be confirmed, and places will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Places are limited to 12.

If you live in Tidworth and would like to join the programme, and would like more information and/or a referral form, please contact Melanie Vincent on 01380 736 098 or by email [email protected]. You can also download here the information leaflet, referral form, participant agreement form and guidelines for referrals.