Blooming, butterflies, bugs and beetles!

The theme of this month's blog is blooming! This describes the habitat the best at this time of year. We see waves of wildflowers and minibeasts as the seasons progress.Read more

The Kings and Queens of Coppicing

Coppicing is the traditional method of managing woodland where certain species of trees such as hazel, willow and ash...Read more

A Journey of Wellbeing: Nick’s story

Our final story this Mental Health Awareness Week comes from our very own Nick Self – project officer on the Wellbeing Programme and warden of Morgan’s Hill nature reserve.Read more

A Journey of Wellbeing: Elle’s story

Our next story this Mental Health Awareness Week comes from Elle who was suffering with PTSD; in her own words she tells us how the Wellbeing Programme helped her “stand on her own two feet again”.Read more

A Journey of Wellbeing: Darren’s story

Over the next few days, to mark Mental Health Awareness Week, we will publish the stories of participants who came to the Wellbeing Programme struggling with stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression, and who managed to turn their lives around. Our first story comes from Darrren.Read more

Stress: Are you coping?

This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week, organised annually by the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) and which this year runs from Monday 14 to Sunday 20 May, is focusing on stress.Read more