Day of invertebrate surveying and an overnight moth trapping at Sandpool, Lower Moor nature reserve.

Sandpool has seen many transformations, from hay meadow to gravel quarry and inert landfill site. Since 2009, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust has been restoring it.

The reserve is part of the Cotswold water park and forms part of the Lower Moor Farm complex of reserves. Most of the reserve is lush grass for grazing but there is now a large scrub area and orchard full of bees and invertebrates. There is also a wet woodland and ponds. At dusk you may spot barn owl and bats.

Michael New is the warden and this field visit forms part of a number of surveying sessions as part of the “Action for insects” project.

Surveying has taken place but not often with a good number of light traps. No particular target species in mind, but would anticipate some species "new to site" with a good number of traps being run overnight. There is good road access to the centre of the site. We plan to go through the traps at dawn to draw up the list, then decamp to The Dragonfly Café.

For more information and to book, contact Michael New [email protected] 

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