Become a Volunteer River Guardian with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust’s Water Team

Join our volunteer army and help us monitor and look after Wiltshire’s rivers!

Invasive non-native plant species such as Himalayan balsam and monkeyflower can grow prolifically along our river banks. They can out-compete native species and leave river banks susceptible to erosion.

We need volunteers to help us record and monitor the occurrence of invasive non-native species in the headwaters and middle reaches of the River Nadder, River Wylye and River Ebble. When we know where they occur, we can take action!


Wiltshire Wildlife Trust is calling for volunteers to join the scheme and become River Guardians. If you are interested in becoming a River Guardian then you can attend one of our information and training workshops.

The information and training workshops are free thanks to funding received from Natural England.

Volunteers would be expected to undertake surveys by walking along a stretch of river either once or twice a month from April to August.  River sites can be selected based upon preferences. For further information, please visit our website:


The workshops will provide all the necessary information, training and equipment required to become a River Guardian, however it is not mandatory to sign up to the scheme after the training if you do not feel it is right for you. Refreshments will be provided, but booking is essential.

To book your place, please contact us using: [email protected] or 01380 736066