These are answers to some of the frequent questions we get asked every year, if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us- [email protected] OR 01380 829084                    

  • What to wear for the event?
    The route may be muddy in the wet weather and dusty and rutted when dry. It can be warm in the sheltered byways and very cold and windy on Salisbury Plain. Please be prepared- dress appropriately for the conditions.

  • What kit should I bring?
    We strongly advise you to wear a helmet. It is also recommended you bring a spare tube or a puncture repair kit and a pump.

  • What facilities are available?
    There are changing facilities and toilets at the start and finish but there are no showers. We cannot guarantee that facilities will still be available at Old Carter Barracks after 18.00.

  • Where can I park?
    The car park is located at Old Carter Barracks.
  • Where and when do I choose my distance(s)?
    You choose your distance(s) on the day of the event.

  • What sort of information will be in our information packs and when will we receive them?
    Car parking tickets and shuttle bus tickets (providing they have been ordered), directions to car parks, guidelines and much more. Packs will be sent out from 7 May 2018, if you have not received your pack by 21 May please get in contact. 
  • If travelling from London:
    The best way to travel to our event from London would be to go to our finishing point initially, Old Carter Barracks Bulford. We suggest doing this via Salisbury, you should be able to get a Train from Waterloo to Salisbury hopefully fairly easily and then using the bus route of activ8 to Bulford Barracks ( From Bulford Barracks you should see the event location via well-signposted routes and is a short walk from the Barracks. Shuttle Buses leave Bulford for the starting point at Avebury at 06.30am, 07.30am and 08.30am, you will need to confirm your registration either at Bulford or Avebury. Due to the early times, we find most people decide to find a reasonably local B&B or similar to spend the night allowing for this early morning travelling.

If you have any other urgent questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.