Rosemary Collingborn

Ro Collingborn is a partner in a north Wiltshire dairy farm, with a pedigree herd of 100 Friesians grazing for much of the year. The farm is managed ecologically, is in the Countryside Stewardship Scheme and a catchment sensitive area. 1,400 trees were planted some time ago to create a wildlife corridor through the farm and every field is bounded by hedges and ponds extant, providing habitat for a large and varied bird population.

Ro has also served on various national committees. She was Dairy Chairman of the Women’s Farming Union, the Farmer Member on the Veterinary Products Committee, a National Trustee for the RSPCA and Council Member of the Milk Development Council.

She has a lifelong interest in conservation and was keen to engage actively with WWT, having a particular interest in the flora and fauna of north Wiltshire.