Adopt an animal - Lilly

Lilly is an energetic mini lop that came to the Care Farm in October 2017 with her sister Callie. We were contacted by a family whose son had attended one of our activity days. Callie and Lilly they kept escaping which did not mix well with the family dog! When they arrived they were in their original hutch and run while we worked on creating them their own grass pen and large double tier hutch. They very happily lived in this pen until the big decision was made that we should try moving them in with Bobby and Jupiter to make space for some rescue bunnies in desperate need of a new home (Choopie and Alexa).

This was a worrying time as bonding rabbits is notoriously difficult! Fortunately after a few scuffles establishing the pecking order we now have a very happy bunny clan of 4, who eat and sleep together and are frequently seen grooming each other and having cuddles. Lilly loves digging! She made good work of all the borders to the pen when she was sharing with her sister and one tunnel was deeper than an arm before we blocked it up! And this didn’t change when she moved in with the boys and she has since turned their lovely neat pen into her very own mining project.

Lilly shares a 2x2m indoor pen with 3 other bunnies with daily access through a hatch into a grass area over 2x7m. By adopting Lilly you will help support her ongoing food and bedding costs and yearly vaccinations.

When you adopt an animal from Lakeside Care Farm you will receive a certificate, personalised letter from your chosen animal(s) and a full-colour photo. You will also receive quarterly updates from your furry friend by post or email.

In the delivery information please write the name of the person that this adoption is for and any other information.