Adopt an animal - Sid

Sid is a boisterous intact male and was top of pecking order when he arrived with Guss and PJ! He has a fantastic hairdo which the students get great pleasure from cutting into different styles! There was a time when Sid was living alone awaiting to be returned to the rescue centre as he could no longer share with his hutch mates without his boisterous ways affecting their health. Fortunately for Sid staff saw a notice on social media about another male that needed a friend and the decision was made to collect him and give it a go. Bonding older males is a tricky business and can frequently go wrong, but with time and patience Sid and Trigger moved in together in May 2018 and have been excellent hutch mates ever since.

Soon they will have a new purpose built house in the shed to give them more space to play. By adopting Sid you could help bring this new Guinea Pig play ground to a reality much sooner, and will of course support his ongoing food and bedding costs and annual health checks at the vets.

When you adopt an animal from Lakeside Care Farm you will receive a certificate, personalised letter from your chosen animal(s) and a full-colour photo. You will also receive quarterly updates from your furry friend by post or email.

In the delivery information please write the name of the person that this adoption is for and any other information.