Our team of Wildlife Information Volunteers (WIVs) can help with questions you may have about wildlife. You may want to know the best place to put a bird box, or how to clean your garden pond or what the name of certain species is.

Goldfinch diving on to feeder © Graham Coules

Send a question using the comment box below and upload a picture if you have one or you can telephone and leave a message on 01380 736063.

Once we have received your question, our team of volunteers will either use their personal knowledge, contact Trust staff who have more specialised knowledge or use our network of organisations such as Natural England to provide the answer you need.  We will then send you an email or telephone you with the information.   

Hedgehog in Feeding box © Gillian Day

Our WIVs can also help to record species that you see around the county. Even if it’s just a common wren, we would still like to add it to our records.  These records are really useful to us as it builds up a picture of the distribution of different habitats and species.  We can then use the information to look after protected species and screen planning applications and new developments.  As well as telling us what you have seen, please let us know where you saw it – a postcode or grid reference would be great.  This helps us to add the record as quickly and as accurately as possible.  

Our Wildlife Information Service is provided by volunteers. We will reply to your question as soon as possible but a detailed reply may take up to 10 days.  If you are interested in helping with this service, please apply here.