Young Wiltshire photographer Izzy Fry tells us about her love for capturing wildlife on camera

My name is Izzy Fry and I am a 14-year-old wildlife photographer. I am very passionate about nature and love photographing it! I live on a farm in south Wiltshire where I see a wide variety of wildlife, from garden birds and bees to woodland animals and all manner of game. I visit lots of Wiltshire Wildlife Trust nature reserves (my favourite is Langford Lakes) to photograph different animals, flowers and birds.

                         Pixie cup lichen

My love of photography began when I went to Skomer Island, Wales in 2016. I photographed the puffins, razorbills and guillemots using my grandad’s Nikon D7200 camera and 80-400mm lens. I got some great photos of puffins with their mouths full of sand eels and peeping out from their burrows, as well as razorbills and guillemots sunbathing on the cliffs.  We walked around to a part of the island where a little owl had recently been spotted. Cameras ready, we waited, and not long after the owl perched on a wall very close to us! I managed to get a good photo I was happy with.

Skomer inspired a love for photographing and studying birds, for which I need to go no further than my own garden! We have a wide range of birds in our garden, including nuthatches, marsh tits, greater spotted woodpeckers, and many more! There are also barn owls that hunt over the fields and tawny owls that we hear at night.


I have recently experimented with making homemade suet blocks for the birds in my garden. Birdfeed is very expensive, so I wanted to try a cheaper way to give the garden birds a nutritious and high-calorie meal! I make the blocks using lard, peanut butter, a mix of seeds and nuts, and some grains. I have seen lots of birds feeding on the blocks, especially long-tailed tits, coal tits and blue tits.

                                                  Blue tit on a suet block

Last year, we were lucky enough to have spotted flycatchers in our nest box; I really enjoyed watching the chicks as they fledged from the nest! I love photographing birds because it’s always a challenge to get the perfect photo.

Last summer, my family also got a beehive full of 15,000 honey bees. It’s been great to be able to photograph the bees in the hive, on flowers, and even drinking from the bird bath!

I use my Nikon D90 and Sigma 105mm macro lens to get most of my photos of bees. I have also greatly enjoyed photographing the different butterflies in the grasslands and wildflower meadows around the lake on the farm where I live. I’ve spotted painted ladies, red admirals, meadow browns, and many more!

I’m also really interested in journalism and writing about my love for wildlife, nature and photography. By the time I was eleven I had two articles in the National Geographic Kids magazine. Recently I have started volunteering at Plantlife, and I have also written a blog for the British Trust for Ornithology. I’m now very excited to write for the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust too!

                         Meadow brown

You can see more of my photos on Instagram – my account name is I also now have a blog which can be viewed here.

I have been practicing using my camera and experimenting with settings every minute of my spare time. I’m really grateful to my grandparents who have taught me almost everything I know and to my mother for taking me to Skomer and supporting me with my hobby!

I look forward to the next few years and I am excited to see what is next for me, my photography and journalism! 

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Photo credits: Izzy Fry