This week (1st - 7th June) is Volunteering Week, and today we are focusing on young people and the impact they have on their communities. 

Ollie Davies is one such young person who has been volunteering with our Youth and Education Team.

How Ollie got involved

After completing his Zoology degree in 2020 and after leaving his post as a guest experience host with Sea Life Center, Ollie originally began volunteering with us in the conservation team. He transitioned into the Trust’s education/forest schools team in December 2020 which was inline with his work experience with the children’s groups at Sea Life. He is currently supporting vulnerable teenagers, helping them to engage through forest school experiences. He has contributed many many hours of his time in the pursuit of this, as well as work within the conservation team. Outside of this, he has also hosted guided walks.

Q: Why did you choose to volunteer for Wiltshire Wildlife Trust?

I love environmental education and having the opportunity to teach others about this. I love being in the outdoors, I have learnt lots of things along the way and it’s very rewarding. 

Q: What are your memorable moments with us?

I got particularly enthusiastic about making a shelter with an infant school group. All the children were really excited about it and I felt like the Shelter King! It actually had to be cut down as it was so well made! I've also made willow domes and tunnels which was a great achievement for everyone. It was so good to have everyone so excited to be a part of it. It was a very rewarding and cool thing to do.

Working on these projects has been incredibly rewarding. From being in a pretty glum situation looking at work options and the lack of a social life over the last year, this has been really beneficial for myself and I've come out of it with a lot of experience around something that I am very passionate about. It’s been really good.

- Ollie Davies 

Thank you Ollie!

  • Ollie has made a real difference to young people’s lives

  • He always steps up to help however he can contribute

  • He is a very reliable and enthusiastic team member willing to gain experience

  • He is just brilliant!

Photograph of Ollie Davies


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