Shopping, shopping, shopping! The key to living waste free would simply be just not to shop! Don't buy anything new and you won't have to throw away pointless plastics. 

Now that isn't the reality for most of us, we rely on shopping for survival, after all, we need to eat! 

Shopping with reduced or no packaging is difficult, we've often found it easier to buy food and supplies locally, from farmers markets, local butchers, fruit and veg stalls and local health shops.

Our top tips on changing the way you shop:

Tip 1: When you can, buy nothing new; buy second hand, share and swap. Check out Jen Gale's blog for tips on buying nothing new.

Tip 2: Be prepared! When doing the food shop take your own bags for loose fruit and veg. Take your own tub to the deli counter for unpackaged cheese, fish and meats. Supermarkets are open to allowing this now and butchers are generally good at providing fresh meats in your own tub. 

Tip 3: Buy in bulk. This will reduce the amount of packaging used on individual and smaller packets. But remember to store bulk goods correctly so you don't end up with additional food waste (we suggest sharing bulk buys with friends and family)

Tip 4: Check out our Wiltshire map for good places to buy reusables and refillables in Wiltshire and this national map for shops around the UK. 

If you haven't claimed your 10% off voucher code, visit our online shop and use code WFF19 to get 10% off any of our reusable products. 

If you want more information about waste free living, download our guide

#WasteFreeFeb 2018 was a great success with over 100 people taking part and over 2 tonnes kept out the bin, imagine what we can save if more of us get involved! 

Sign up to the campaign and let us know what you aim to do during February. 

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