What have you been doing with your old spare clothes? Love Your Clothes found 336,000 tonnes of used clothing in the UK gets thrown in the bin each year - what a waste!

Therefore, this week we are focusing on upcycling old clothes, so you can become sustainable refashionistas at home! 

Ways you can get creative:

1. Use those odd socks! 616 million socks are discarded in the UK every year. The following video by Love Your Clothes provides some brilliant examples of how we can reuse them. From stuffing them in pillows to making new car seat strap covers and draft excluders - the possibilities are endless.

2. Use old jumpers. Create new cushion covers or memory pillows! Follow this simple guide to help. You could even forge a new cover or bag for your laptop at home.

3. Use old jeans. Cut them up to create a new bag, purse or pencil case, or even a phone cover or sleeve for your tablet.

4. Use old towels. Cut them up to make your own reusable upcycled kitchen cloths! 

5. Make some alterations. Why not restyle your clothes yourself? Create new outfits for parties by shortening long dresses for use later in the summer, or adding new buttons or pockets to a suit.

6. Try shopping at a charity shop! 

7. Check out our sustainable clothing for sale - made from recycled and recyclable materials.

8. Take part in Waste Free Feb!
Waste Free Feb graphic
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