Kody Bowler from EcoSwindon - one of our Young Ambassadors - shares his thoughts on the versatility of this amazing material on World Bamboo Day!

For this blog, I will be telling you all about this fascinating plant and some rather interesting applications we have found for it in the modern world.

Bamboo is one of earth’s most versatile materials - and as it turns out, it is also pretty sustainable. Bamboo is actually a grass (not a tree) that grows insanely quickly, & it can be continually re-harvested without damaging the surrounding environment. Throughout its growth, bamboo requires no pesticides or fertiliser and - because it’s not uprooted during harvesting - also helps to protect soil & prevent soil erosion. Not to mention, it absorbs plenty of CO2 - & releases over 30% more oxygen than most trees! 

With growing demand for this sustainable member of the grass family, we are constantly finding new uses for it. Here I’ve listed just some of these, shining a spotlight on bamboo for its very own day of celebration :)

Utensils:  From spoons to straws, bamboo utensils are a great way for people to cut single-use plastic waste from their everyday lives. They’re reusable, stylish and a good alternative for eco-conscious travellers on the go.

Beer: Yep, you read that right! Craft beer enthusiasts have brewed the unthinkable: bamboo beer. Would you try this? Apparently it’s incredibly refreshing!

Architecture:  thanks to its strength and versatility, more and more architects are creating ground-breaking structures with bamboo. Ranging from restaurants to schools - the results are truly stunning..

Bike:  As if riding a bike alone wasn’t sustainable enough, a bamboo bike takes you on a whole other level (though they can be quite expensive). You can even get electric bamboo motorbikes (I know!) but that’s for another time..

Replacing Steel: Due to its high tensile strength, bamboo has proved to be a sustainable replacement for steel reinforcement in concrete. Bamboo reinforced concrete has major potential for wide usage in buildings & construction - and is much more accessible for developing countries where steel is sparse.

Clothing:  Greening up your wardrobe has never been easier! T-shirts, jeans, jumpers, boxers, dresses, socks… practically all attire can now be made with bamboo. Oh, and the material is SUPER soft as-well.  

And finally… food!   No, not just for the pandas - but for us too!

For example, bamboo shoots are an excellent source for dietary fibre and are also very low in sugar. These are popular in many types of Asian dishes, for example this ‘Keng No Mai’ soup from Laos.

Thanks so much for reading my blog - I hope you’ve learned something interesting today. Now lets raise our bamboo forks, toothbrushes, or whatever they may be.. and celebrate the wonder that is bamboo!

Until next time,