Lakeside Care Farm meets Countryfile

Ever wondered what it's like to film with Countryfile? Lakeside Care Farm found out exactly what is involved when filming with Countryfile and working with presenter, Matt Baker.Read more

Waste Free Feb- It's time to start looking through your bins

For Waste Free Feb to be successful preparation is key; as cheesy as it sounds, if you are not prepared you may fill your jar, bag or bottle much quicker than you’d hoped for.Read more

Water Team Trainee Blog: December

Now I’ve been back at work for a couple of weeks since the Christmas break, I’ve taken the time to sit down and write about what I got up to during December.Read more

In the garden: what to do for wildlife this January

Birds will tend to be the most active wildlife species you will see in January, often searching for food to sustain them into spring.Read more

Join us for Waste Free Feb

What is waste-free living? Can you complete the waste-free challenge?Read more

How can we reduce Christmas food waste?

Delicious food is one of the things people look forward to most at Christmas. From the dinner with all the trimmings, to all the treats and sweets in between.  Our Waste Team have some tips to help save your food from ending up in the bin, which could also save you some money as well.Read more