The Semington Brook and Worton Stream form part of the headwaters of the Bristol Avon. Wiltshire Wildlife Trust is working to engage with landowners to help to deliver a number of restoration projects along the course of the Semington Brook and Worton Stream.

We are working closely with landowners to promote good practices for managing the river on their land. As part of this, we have been able to deliver a small scale project, opening up the tree canopy to give a better mosaic of light and shade on the channel.

We are really keen to find opportunities to work with local communities and landowners to develop the project to restore the Semington Brook.

For more information, please contact the team at [email protected] or 01380 736066.

Primary School children helping with tree planting along Semington Brook, following fencing to exclude cattle access from one bank

Cattle poaching and over grazing is causing significant issues on some parts of the catchment

We have carried out some coppicing and vegetation clearance in some very overgrown parts of the brook. This lets light into the channel for in-stream plants to return

This project was kindly funded by the Environment Agency