We are supporting Captain Tom’s Heroes to do their 100 for Wildlife in Wiltshire!

On this page you will find some ideas on nature themed challenges involving the number 100, and a link to sign up or donate to our Captain Tom 100 challenge. If you would like any further help or support please email [email protected] who will be happy to help you.

Nature themed '100' challenge ideas:

  • Spend 100 minutes outside 
  • Identify 100 species
  • Collect 100 items of litter from your local nature space(s)
  • Walk/Run/Cycle 100km
  • Bunny hop 100 meters or skip 100 times
  • Do 100 frog jumps
  • Take 100 nature inspired photographs
  • Plant 100m of wildflower seeds (or 100cm/whatever space you have!) 
  • Read 100 pages of a nature themed book
  • Write a 100 word poem
  • Listen to 100 minutes of wildlife themed documentaries or podcasts.
  • Bake 100 wildlife shaped biscuits
  • Volunteer 100 hours of your time

Download more challenge ideas here.

Inspired or thought of your own idea? 

Start your fundraising here! 

Person giving thumbs up in countryside

More resources:

A4 poster for your window - show your neighbourhood that you are taking part!

Factsheet to learn more about the challenge