Wiltshire Wildlife Trust has a number of Local Supporters that support our nature reserves across the county. The groups are usually established with a mixture of Volunteer Reserve Wardens, regular volunteers, and those with other particular skills and interests, working closely with WWT staff. The groups vary in their offer but may assist the Trust with practical tasks, running events and guided walks, leading education sessions, and species survey and monitoring. Several groups also raise funds by hosting talks or applying for small grants to support specific projects that the Trust has identified.

The Trust is now in the legacy planning phase of the National Lottery Heritage Fund project at Coombe Bissett Down, which will draw to a close later this spring. We are starting succession planning and are particularly looking for Supporters with the skills and experience or interests outlined above, who could play a key role in supporting our Group into the future. Please find a link to the Terms of Reference below, and let us know if you would like to help. 

Terms of Reference: localsupporterstermsofreference.pdf 

For more information or to join the Coombe Bissett Down Local Supporters please contact: [email protected]


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