2022 marks the 60th Anniversary of Wiltshire Wildlife Trust.

Formed in 1962, we were originally known as The Wiltshire Trust for Nature Conservation with seven founding members. The acclaimed author and poet John Buxton played an integral part in its creation, together with Lady Radnor and Charles Floyd.

Our very first nature reserve was Blackmoor Copse, now a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and one of the most important woods in Wiltshire, particularly for butterflies.

Now, we own 42 nature reserves covering over 1,100 hectares, have the support of 23,500 members, and have a community of 800 regular volunteers.

Our achievements to date have included:

  1. Encouraging the return of otters in the 1990's through habitat improvement works.
  2. First Wildlife Trust to employ an education officer in 1993. We now have an entire team dedicated to education and wellbeing.
  3. Increasing numbers of water voles in the county. We continue to do so with our Bay Meadows project.
  4. Increasing numbers of insects in the county, through our Action For Insects project.
  5. Reverting a former airfield into grassland at Blakehill Farm.

Before After

Before and after our reversion project at Blakehill Farm.

6. Restoring 71 hectares of species rich chalk grassland at Coombe Bissett Down.


Before and after our restoration project at Coombe Bissett Down.

7. Enhancing wetland habitats at Langford Lakes.


Before and after wetland enhancements at Langford Lakes.

As the Trust has grown, so too have the challenges; the scale of the ecological and climate crises are now clear to more people. We are committed to tackling these challenges through our vision of creating a sustainable future for wildlife and people.

Read more in our 60th Anniversary brochure

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