Known as the gardener’s best friend, it is widely recognised that earthworms are important creatures - yet they remain a hugely under-recorded group. In this webinar, led by Keiron Brown and Kerry Calloway, you will learn:

  • Where earthworms fit within the animal kingdom.
  • How different categories of earthworms perform different ecological roles.
  • What is required to develop earthworm species identification skills.
  • Recording earthworms in Wiltshire and how to get involved.

Keiron Derek Brown is the UK’s national recorder for earthworms, a trustee of the Earthworm Society of Britain and delivers training on earthworm ecology, surveying and identification.

Kerry Calloway became interested in earthworms while working on soil biodiversity reasearch projects with the Natural History Museum (London). She is a Trustee and tutor for the Earthworm Society of Britain.

Booking is essential.